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Popular promotions of online casinos

Many people have wondered what is the difference between a real casino and an online casino. In fact, these two types of casinos have little to no difference in terms of rules. There will only be more convenience that online casinos can offer. just have internet You can play online gambling from home or anywhere that is convenient for you. But besides the convenience Online casinos also have another advantage over physical casinos, namely value. because in general Online casinos often issue promotions or give special bonuses to members of the web, both new members and current members, in order to attract players to use their services as much as possible. As for online casino promotions that are interesting, there will be something that can be followed right away.

1. Promotion for new members
New member promotions or welcome bonuses are given to new players who are opening an account or signing up for the first time. which will have many forms such as

First Deposit Bonus
The first deposit bonus offers more betting opportunities as players deposit funds to be used as initial credit on their first bet. This is usually in the form of a percentage, that is, the more players make their first deposit. Players will receive more bonuses as well. Under the condition that the player must make a turnover. (See the turnover calculation method below) to complete as specified by the service provider. will have the right to withdraw money, for example, deposit 100 baht, you will receive another 100 baht bonus, or deposit 50 baht, get 300 baht free, etc.

Free spins bonus
This type of bonus is awarded to new players who register with their website. The free spins bonus can be applied to playing online slots to give players the opportunity to try out online casinos. The advantage of this type of bonus is that you can play slot games for fun and make money without having to pay anything. Most providers offer players from 10 to 200 free spins. up

2. Periodic promotions
Another type of deposit bonus that online casinos often offer players. Just deposit money into the system during the time specified by the service provider. You will receive more bonuses than depositing at any other time, giving you the opportunity to enjoy playing games and make more money. Periodic promotions are not limited to new players or existing players. And not related to the first deposit bonus, for example, deposit 1,000 baht or more per slip on Friday night between 8:00 PM and 11:59 PM, receive a bonus of 100 baht and withdraw or transfer immediately upon making a turn. Over 5 times, etc. Do not forget to look at the details and time well beforehand. Because if the deposit does not match the date and time specified by the service provider, it may miss this promotion.

3. Loss return promotion
Losing and winning are common to both real casino and online casino games. But for general casinos If you bet and do not win You will immediately lose that bet without getting anything back. But not with online casinos. Because you will get some of your stake back in the form of a percentage calculated from the amount you lost during a certain period. And return the money to the players in the form of credits to use as a revenge or to use as a starting point for playing new games is considered a promotion that returns profits to players without any investment. For example, a weekly loss return promotion Receive up to 10% of the amount lost by players each week, etc.

4. Daily top-up promotion
Promotions given to you who make a deposit into the system to use them to play games such as sports games, slot games or fish shooting games. This daily top-up promotion is usually calculated in the form of a percentage ranging from 10 – 30%, with the condition that the player must have reached the turnover requirement specified by the service provider to be eligible to withdraw money from the system. Yes, for example, 20% daily top-up bonus for slot games. 20% daily reload bonus for fishing games 10% Daily Reload Bonus for Live Casino etc.

5. Refer a friend bonus
Another promotion that many people like, just invite friends who are interested in playing online casinos to apply for membership. The provider will give bonuses as credits in the system for players to use in betting for free. It can be said that players almost do not have to invest anything. Just say to invite friends to apply for membership or first deposit only, for example, refer 1 friend, receive 300 baht, or receive an additional 5% credit of the friend's first deposit, etc.

6. Accrual Bonus
Loyalty bonus or VIP bonus (VIP) is a collection of points that the Operator gives to players in return for the players who support them. Players will earn points when depositing money or placing bets to play online casino games. Those points also affect the level of VIP status of players. Which each level has its own special privileges such as daily deposit bonuses or more cashback bonuses than other places, redeeming accumulated points into cash, etc.

Turnover thinking

Example: 100% welcome bonus promotion, only with a minimum deposit of 100 baht, a maximum bonus of 3,000 baht, can be withdrawn or transferred immediately after completing a turnover of 5 times.

Let's say you deposit 1,000 baht, get a 100% bonus, equal to that you get a bonus of 1,000 baht. The turnover can be calculated as 1,000 baht (casino bonus) x 5 times (turnover amount) = 5,000 baht

For the turnover amount of 5,000 baht, it doesn't mean that you have to play for 5,000 baht, but the turnover amount means the total amount of bets. This is counted as turnover every time you place a bet. Which will count only winning and losing rounds, for example Round 1, bet 500 baht, whether winning or losing It means that you have made a turnover of 500 baht, so you must have a total bet of 5,000 baht before you can withdraw or transfer money.

And these 6 promotions are just examples of bonuses and promotions that online casinos usually offer players. However, you should read and understand the terms and conditions of various promotions carefully once again for your own benefit before playing online gambling. 

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